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Establishing a European Platform for Social Sciences and Humanities research relating to Ionizing Radiation – SHINE

Theme leads: Susan Molyneux-Hodgson,, Piet Sellke,

Despite the recognized need for strong multidisciplinary approaches to research and innovation including social sciences and humanities (European Commission, 2014), ionising radiation research is still, to a large extent, characterised by a strong divide between technical and social perspectives and knowledge domains. To address that challenge, and to strengthen further the competence and excellence in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities related to ionizing radiation, a structured scientific exchange as well as a coordinated research approach is essential. Representatives from several SSH disciplines have started the process of promoting this more coordinated approach by submitting a COST Action proposal titled SHINE. The overarching aim of SHINE is to strengthen the role of SSH in the field of ionising radiation research and management. In this session at RICOMET 2017, the purposes, goals and expectations of SHINE will be presented and opened up to enable discussion towards the detailed planning of next steps.
The SHINE objectives are the following:

  • To assess and disseminate the state-of–the-art in Social Sciences and Humanities research in the field of ionising radiation
  • To promote new research and development,
  • To support the development of critical and reflexive capacity,
  • To establish a sustainable platform “European Platform for Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) research relating to Ionising Radiation (IR),
  • To develop a public science centre about ionising radiation in the field of SSH.

Within SHINE we have proposed 5 core areas of work requiring our attention:

  • Responsible research and innovation
  • New modes of governance
  • Vulnerability and resilience
  • Cultural perspectives on technical solutions
  • Developing new IR options.

We welcome critical reflection, ideas and constructive discussion. Moreover, the SHINE working groups will be formed at the RICOMET 2017 and new members are welcome.